Strategy + Tactics = measurements

Strategy is the overall plan for the brand.  Tactics are the techniques or activities used to carry out the plan.    

A brand is how a client, stakeholder or investor 'feels' about a product, service or firm. It is the embodiment of the brand's personality. It is a template from which your style, tone, ethos, esprit, philosophy, image, activities, tactics and any form of communication is created.  Branding is a journey, not a destination.

Branding used to be the exclusive purview of big consumer products and institutions. Now we live at a time when the smallest business talks about the brand imperative and individuals are challenged to become walking brands. Why has the brand become so important? Bottom line. Good brands build companies; ineffective or confused brands undermine success

As products and services become indistinguishable, as competition creates infinite choices, as companies merge into faceless monoliths, differentiation is increasingly imperative. This is even more so when you are selling something intangible, a promise a hope.

Translating the brand into words and action has become our mantra. What begins as corporate culture has fast become branding, and the communications department runs the show.

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Strategy + brand communication - Heusler Public Relations