Issues and crises don't fit into neat boxes or flow charts and never occur at convenient times. We put into place highly effective strategies, advise and train spokespeople and manage the issue.

Typical issues management clients we encounter range from companies; undergoing a takeover -hostile or friendly;  reporting sensitive news or preparing for a doorstop interview.  We've worked with pharmaceutical companies on drug recalls, solved communications issues within family companies; facilitated board skirmishes; liaised with disgruntled stakeholders; fraud; high profile identities and acted as litigation support for law firms. We are often briefed by lawyers whose clients seek the combination of legal media expertise.

HPRs communication's kit is refreshed regularly for changes in social media, planning, monitoring and analysis.  Risks  can be gauged, managed and minimised.

For emergency issues management please contact us immediately on 0414388744

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An issue ignored is a crisis invited - Heusler Public Relations