Flexible working is great, however it increases vulnerability.

Consequently, it is key to stay safe when working remotely. Mobile-device management is essential because portable devices are much more susceptible to theft. It is important to ensure that staff passwords are strong, all devices are encrypted, kill packets can remotely disable missing connections, information is regularly backed up, and that all data is stored on secure servers, such as Microsoft Drive.

Elizabeth Heusler, Owner of Heusler Public Relations, adds that you should pre-plan in case something does go wrong. She says: "Enable the security, trackers and insurance on your devices. Also, consider a buddy system with a colleague, so you have each other’s backup, security and access codes and set up remote access on each other’s computers."

Read the article: https://www.telco-compare.com/post/how-to-safeguard-your-business-from-cyber-attacks

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