Clients' testimonials + case studies

STW Advertising (Automotive)

"A great pleasure to work with a professional, focused group that embraces the client's objectives and knows how to run with them. What's more, Heusler's really enjoy what they do and that comes through."

John O'Neil
Managing Director – STW Advertising (Automotive)

Biometric Systems

"The campaign Heusler's developed for our IT start-up delivered. Too much so! We had to adapt our business to the unexpected growth spurt. Heusler's professionalism, quick up-take and ability to become experts in a complex technology field was impressive. Can't get them to side with the All Blacks – my only regret."

Frank Bruce
Director – Biometric Systems


"Last month I attended the workshop you gave at the Goethe-Institut Sydney. I found your advice (and the way you presented it) in working with the media most inspiring. We used your practical ideas in a press release for our national conference and for the first time they took notice!

While my first article in the Herald Sun wasn't everything I had hoped buy valtrex 500mg for, my ability to deal with the media had improved remarkably! Next we sent out a release for the school film festival. I rang up the reporters, heard one pair of ears going up and now we look forward to our media opportunities. With best regards, and thank you once again for your inspiration."

Eva Schulz
Educational Services Section, Goethe-Institut

The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic

"Thank you for making the PR jungle seem like a garden."

Kate McGrath
Marketing Manager – The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic

Accelerated Consulting

"We initially contracted Heusler PR to bring their writing skills to the development of our website: what we got was so much more in terms of providing creativity and assisting us with our message by developing a real point of difference. It made the website development process enjoyable and economical."

John Pennington
Managing Director – Accelerated Consulting

The Old Barker Association, Hornsby

"They were the best and most professionally run events the school has ever held – especially the luncheon organised with the COEs. Your contacts are impressive. From the Archbishop to footy stars – is there anyone you don't know?"

The Old Barker Association, Hornsby